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The Pro Coaching Course (coaching juniors to professionals +18 years old) is designed for those Competitive Coaches who want to devote their time and energies into developing players whose ambitions and talents far exceed the recreational club player.

The Pro Coaching Course will provide the competitive tennis professional with the necessary tools (technical, tactical, physical and mental) needed to coach the transition from junior to Pro Level. Upon completion of the intense on and off court course, the tennis professional will receive acreditarion as “Professional Coach” under the Spanish Method, recognized worldwide



Registration for online courses throughout the year

Registration for Naples Course – May



Writing Test
On Court Coaching Test
ICI Professional Coach (+70%)
RPT Professional Coach

Participants will receive Certification Diploma from the International Coaches Institute – ICI  and the International Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT.


Education Credits



The International Coaches Institute was founded in Spain in 1989 and has become the largest, oldest and global leader organization dedicated to providing educational programs, international certification and comprehensive services to professional coaches in the fields of TENNISPADELGOLF, FITNESS AND PICKLEBALL, through their various Professional Registries: Tennis (RPTennis), Golf (RPGolf), Padel (RPPadel), Fitness (RPFitness) and Pickleball (RPPickleball). The ICI has more than 50,000 qualified trainers and coaches in 130 countries, and since its foundation has trained over 100,000 sporting coaches.

ICI – TENNIS training programs and certifications are accredited and recognized by: Registro Profesional de Tenis, Spanish Professional Tennis Coaches Association, European Registry of Tennis Professionals, Emilio Sanchez Academy, PTCA – Professional Tennis Coaches Association,  ESTESS Athletic University, International Registry of Tennis Professionals, United States Professional Tennis Association, International Centre for the Training of Authorities and Leaders, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Association of Sports Training Professionals and Spanish Royal Tennis Federation.


Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones



Registration and material distribution
SESSION Classroom
ICI Philosophy and Spanish Training System used for Professional players and coaches
• Tennis Pyramid at Pro level
• 4 Components of Pro Level

SESSION Classroom
• Patterns of play Pro Level
• Training stages Pro Level

• Serve, volley, offense
• Definition of exercises (3rd Chain)
• On Court practice:Definition 1 hour. (3rd Chain)

Course Fee includes:
• Pro CC Level 2 Manual
• Folder & notepad/Pen
• Attendance Diploma
• WES Password

SESSION Classroom
• Professional Level vs College Level
• Transition in ATP vs WTA

SESSION Classroom
• Maximum performance
- Periodization
- Factors (weakness and strengths)

• Movement (1 hour)
- Multidirectional
- Change of speeds
- Explosive power

SESSION Classroom
Developing mental pillar at Pro Level
Players and parents from the Pro Level environment

• Defensive drills
• Defense exercises (4th Chain)
• On court Practice of defense Exercises (1 hour)

SESSION Classroom
• Traveling on tour
• Player periodization

• ESology: references on court
• Planning sessions

• Transfer of weight (5th Chain)
• Controls with movement (5th Chain)
• On court Practice Transfer & Controls (1 hour)
• How to improve singles with doubles
• Doubles exercises
• On court Practice Doubles exercises (30 minutes)

TEST: on court & classroom
Course review & attendancy Diplomas



Online Course Fee: 450 $ (US)
Onsite Course Fee: 450 $ (US)
USPTA & RPT Members: 100$ discount online/onsite course fee

ICI / RPT Test Fee & Club Services
: 300 $ (US)
The test will always be carried out in person at any center of the Emilio Sánchez Academy or at any ICI / RPT course taught all over the world. Once you have passed the on-court and written exams, you will receive the corresponding professional qualifications from the International Coaches Institute and the International Registry of Tennis Professionals. Also you will recieve 20 Educational Credits from the United States Professional Tennis Association and the RPT International Coaching and Teaching License. Other advantages include repeating the course for free once a year and participating in the exclusive programs for ICI Coaches at the Emilio Sanchez Academy: Preferred, Intership or Summer Programs.

Registration for online courses throughout the year

Registration for Naples Course – May


Most Frequent asked questions about the ICI Courses:

When are they offered?

They are offered twice a year during the Spring and Fall. Usually, the Spring dates for the course are during the first week of June, it starts with the 2-days and a half day course level 1, continues with the 2-days and a half day course level 2, and finishes with the doubles daily course after the first 2. The college-level is usually offered during the Fall semester. The courses are offered during the first week of December and they start with the college coaching course. We usually determine the dates of the courses 3 months or 4 before the courses so my recommendation keep checking the ICI webpage.

Can I take the courses online?

During the pandemic, we offered the courses in an online matter for those who couldn’t travel overseas. Right now, we are improving our online course to make it dynamic and to be able to offer it during the whole year for those who want to extend their knowledge and take it online.

How does the certification and test work?

Upon completion of the onsite course, the academy will ask you if you want to be certified. The test is an add-on of the course with a cost of $300. There will be a written and an on-court test of the topics talked about at the level you are testing for. Testing is only offered for Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Once the test is completed, if you have passed you will be getting the certification along with 20 USPTA education credits added to your coaching profile.


ICI Competition Coach (+80%)

RPT Competition Coach

ICI Assistant Coach (+60%)

RPT Assistant Coach

& 20 USPTA Education Credits


ICI Professional Coach (+70%)

RPT Professional Coach

& 20 USPTA Education Credits

Is there an online test for those taking the course online?

No, as of now we don’t have online testing because there is a test that is on the court. If you wish to get the certifications, you can always come to one of our Emilio Sanchez academies (Barcelona, Naples Florida, Atlanta, or Dubai ) and do the test with one of our coaches to get the certifications.

What do I get at the end of the course?

During the onsite course, you will be receiving a printed manual of the pdf presentation of the level ICI that you are participating in, a folder from our academy to keep your materials, a T-shirt from the ICI corporation, and an access link to all the backup videos of the sessions on the court that are pre-recorded for you to be able to have and download. Also, you will be receiving an attendance diploma from the ICI corporation to your email after the course is completed.

How do I sign up?

The link to sign up is posted on the ICI website there will be a link to register. Important information to remember: Once you are in the link if you wish to take more than one course you need to sign up for the different courses and make the online payment.

Can I retake the course?

Yes, if you have taken the onsite course, it is free at no cost to retake the course (if you wish to take the test for the first time there will be an extra charge). If you decide to take the course onsite after you have taken it online there will be an option to pay the extra difference to come onsite.

Can I take more than one course?

It is recommended that you take more than 1 course because they are created in a progression meaning after level 1 finishes, level 2 starts, and so on.

Do I have to have any level to take the courses?

Not really, if you wish to work as a coach or to improve your coaching skills it will be useful for any type of level you wish to train. The course walks you along our system to be able to become a coach and to become a better coach.

When do the courses start?

Level 1 is a 3-days course that usually starts early in the morning around 8 am and goes 2 days of course and the third one in the morning will be the test, the same afternoon the participants who had signed up for the second one will start the second one that afternoon. The college-level course is a daily course that starts early in the morning and finishes the same day, the doubles course is the same.

When will the online version be ready?

We are hoping to have it ready by this January 2023 edition, email us at and we will update you with new information on the online course.

How do I use the online version?

We will have a guideline of instructions that we will post on the ICI website once the online version is prepared for you to follow.

What will I learn in the courses?

If you visit the ICI website in each course you will see the main features of what you will be learning in each course. Each course is different.

On level 1:

You will be learning how to coach players from initiation to formation based on the Spanish tennis teaching system that is formed by 4 pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental.

On level 2:

You will be learning how to coach players from formation to elite based on the Spanish tennis teaching system that is formed by 4 pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental.

On the Doubles level:

You will be learning about all aspects of the double’s games like:

Life Ball exercises with 2,3 and 4 players on the court, a chain of drills that are used to work on the doubles game such as the serve and return, the areas of the court for the double’s games like the 3 allies, how doubles are used to improve singles and other useful information for the doubles game.

On the College level:
You will be learning exercises and life balls drills to be able to manage a college team and get the most out of their game. This is a specialized course that helps you develop new aspects of the game.

If I train a certain level of athletes, how useful will be the other courses for me?

All of the ICI levels are useful for all types of athletes. Even if you have a top 10 athlete, you still need to come back to the basics when it comes to correcting the main things.

For Level 2 which is a more advanced level of players, the drills sometimes can also be adapted to your initiation or formation players. The chain of drills
that works on the impact point for level 2 is really useful for any type of player.

On the doubles course, everything can be used for any type of player even if they don’t play doubles. In the life ball drills, you can adapt 4 players on the court that sometimes as a coach is useful if you don’t have space. Also, there is a classroom that talks about how you can use doubles to improve singles.

With that being said, any type of coach can take any level of the courses to develop and improve the skills.

When do I get the schedule and planning of the course?

1 week prior to the course, the email that you added on your registration process will be the one where you will be receiving the schedule of the classes. There are on court and on classroom classes with breaks between them for coffee. (Make sure you check your spam folder as well If you don’t see it on the inbox).

Is there any hotel or accommodation available for those taking the courses? How about food?

We have hotel deals for clients of our academy that you can use as well. Email us if you need accommodation and we will provide you with the link for the discount rate in our hotel deals.

For food, we offer a buffet in our academy in Naples and Barcelona where you can pay the daily rate of $12, and it is all you can eat.

For breakfast we do have coffee and pastries for the course participants on the same room of the course.

What do I need to bring?

It is essential that you bring racket and sports clothes to attend the courses as they are done in the classroom and on the court.

Do you offer this courses in all your academies?

We currently offer these courses in our Barcelona and Naples academy. If you wish to take the courses outside of the planned dates, we have a program for you to shadow and learn from one of our coaches the Spanish tennis teaching system and get the knowledge.

How do I get the invoice of the payment?

Email us if you need the invoice at and we will send you your payment invoice.

How can I contact someone about some questions I might have?

You can contact our academy email that is in charge of organizing the ICI courses at or contact the ICI contact email. We will answer all the questions you may have.




Team & Staff


Emilio Sánchez Vicario

• President of International Coaches Institute (ICI America)
• Emilio Sánchez Academy Founder
• Former #7 ATP in singles and #1 in doubles – Olympic Gold Medalist in China, 2008
• Davis Cup Champion, 2008 – Spain´s Team Captain
• RPT International Master Professional & USPTA Master Professional


Luis Mediero

• CEO of the International Coaches Institute (ICI America)
• RPT Founder
• Author of patented teaching methods from mini-tennis to competitive players
• Director of courses, clinics and conferences in 80 countries
• RPT International Master Professional & USPTA Master Professional



Derek Touchette

• Fitness Director at ES Academy Florida & ICI America
• Total Athetic Performance Founder
• Trained athletes for the NFL, NBA, MLS, USA Soccer and also trained players such as Sharapova, Jankovic, and Mirny among others


Lucas Regas

• Tennis Director Emilio Sánchez Academy Naples (Florida)
• Spanish top 100 player & NJCAA Número 1 2004
• Coach of Kirilenko, Galloviz and Brian Brothers (Assistant)
• RPT Professional Coach & USPTA Elite Professional



Victor Hugo

• Head Pro Emilio Sánchez Academy Naples
• Bachelor Science in Economics in Santa Clara
• Junior College All American
• NCAA Division 1 player
• RPT Professional Coach & USPTA Elite Professional


Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

• WTA #1 in Singles & Doubles
• 4 Grand Slam Singles Titles
• 6 Grand Slam Doubles Titles
• 4 Grand Slam Mix-Doubles Titles
• 4 Olympic Medals
• 5-time Fed Cup Champion
• Spain`s Fed Cup Captain




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