RFET Official letter


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Dear friends:

In November 2017, the Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET ( Real Federación Española de Tenis) and the Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT ( Registro Profesional de Tenis), signed a collaboration agreement at the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). In this event, we had the presence of its president Mr. Alejandro Blanco and Miguel Díaz, (RFET President), Dominic Conde, (2016-2020 President of the RFET Teaching Committee) and Luis Mediero (RPT President) participated. This collaboration agreement was consolidated in two fundamental aspects, promotion of national tennis, and the homogeneity of the pedagogy in National Tennis between the RFET and the RPT.

Since then, joint synergies have been developed between both institutions, led by our President Miguel Díaz and his Board of Directors. Now, both parties have decided to advance in the commitments acquired by reinforcing the recognition and mutually endorsing the training courses, the degrees and certification offered and, finally, the services provided by both organizations, as well as the joint commitment to work towards the recognition of all professionals of teaching our sport.

The RFET and the RPT will offer from this moment on their respective websites and social networks, detailed information on initial and permanent training, both “federative” and private, provided by both organizations. For them, the National “Monitor Nacional” (level 1) and “Entrenador Nacional” (level 2) programs will be promoted through the Territorial Federations and exclusively carrying out the “Profesor Nacional” Courses (level 3), with the teaching staff of the Area of Teaching of each FFTT, as well as the RPT. The RFET will promote the programs and degrees of the FFTT and the RPT throughout the National territory. The RPT will continue to teach its Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses, as well as the World Tour – Integral Tennis Course throughout Spain, with the collaboration of the RFET.

From here, joint actions will be developed, which in some cases have already started, such as the RPT & RFET National Symposium, ICI / RPT courses for coaches, WheelChair Tennis courses, courses for Referees, Streetennis and AdulTennis Courses, etc…..

Along these lines, I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new RFET Teaching Committee that will join us in this new stage and thank them for their commitment to developing the training of our future coaches. This committee is made up of: Gonzalo López- Fabero, Antonio Colom, Gonzalo Pérez-Martino together with the Heads of Teaching of the Territorial Federations: Irene González (Federación Andaluza de Tenis), Miqui Moreno (Federación Catalana de Tenis), Mario Casal (Federación Gallega de Tenis), Francisco Vicent (Federación de Tenis de la Comunidad Valenciana) and Crisanto Campo (Federación de Tenis de Madrid).


With my best regards Yours Sincerely

Sebastián Tobaruela Padilla

Chairman of the RFET Teaching and Research Committee