Register for PCC Level 2 - Pro Coaching Course



Reserve your seat in the course by completely filling out the inscription form. In order to confirm your spot on the Course, you will have to make a wire transfer or USD$375 (which corresponds to half of the tuition fee).

The bank information is as follows:

International Coaches Institute Inc. (USA, Canada & Latinoamerica Courses)

Account 00026542
Cliente número 204689
ABA/ACH Routing Number para transferencias dentro de los Estados Unidos 066014069
Swift Code para transferencias Internacionales BSABUS3X
Código Switf corresponsal para recibir euros BSABESBB
Banco Sabadell Miami
Edificio Sabadell Financial Center
1111 Brickell Ave
Suite 3010 Miami
Florida 33131

International Coaches Institute S.L. (European Courses)

CCC: 0049 6662 64 2116245558
IBAN: ES81 0049 6662 6421 1624 5558