International Master Pro

To mark the 20th anniversary of the RPT, the Executive Committee created the highest level of certification in order to recognize and reward those who have dedicated their lives to teaching tennis and developing our sport, in addition to helping the RPT in its global expansion.

Nick Bollettieri (USA)
President, Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy

James E. Loehr (USA)
President/CEO, Human Performance Institute

Jack Groppel (USA)
Vice-President, Human Performance Institute

Rick Macci (USA)
President, Rick Macci Tennis Academy

Tim Heckler (USA)
CEO, United States Professional Tennis Association


Dave Porter (USA)
Past-President, United States Professional Tennis Association

Howard Moore (USA)
Director of Tennis, Saddlebrook Tennis Academy

Gabriel Jaramillo (USA)
President, Gabe Jaramillo Tennis Academy

Emilio Sánchez Vicario (Spain)
President, Academia Sánchez-Casal

Luis Mediero (Spain)
President, Registro Profesional de Tenis

Adrian Rattenbury (England)
President, European Registry of Tennis Professionals

Massimo Bucciero (Italy)
President, Prodea SportsMarketing

Richard Schonborn (Germany)
Tennis Coach

Pedro Frazao (Portugal)
President, Premier Sports

Antonio Nadal (Spain)
Tennis Coach, Rafael Nadal ATP #1

Antonio Martínez Cascales (Spain)
Co Founder, Juan C Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy

Francisco Alvariño (Spain)
President, TennisVal Tennis Academy

Javier Martí (Spain)
President, Ciudad de la Raqueta

William “Pato” Alvarez (Spain)
Tennis Coach, Academia Sanchez-Casal

Francisco Vicent (Spain)
President, Professional Tennis Coaches Association of Spain

Magnus Norman (Sweden)
Co-Owner, Good to Great Tennis Academy

Mikael Tillström (Sweden)
Co-Owner, Good to Great Tennis Academy

Hakan Dalhbo (Austria)
President, ESTESS

Xavier Budó (Spain)
Professional Coach

Samuel López (Spain)
Co Founder, Juan C Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy

Juan Carlos Ferrero (Spain)
President, Juan C Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy

Sergio Casal (Spain)
Co Founder, Academia Sánchez Casal


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